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Children's Glasses

Should your child need prescription glasses or protective sports eyewear, we have you covered.

Sports Eyewear

Whether you need a good pair of sports glasses for protection from injury or protection from the sun, stop by Anspach of Summit Opticians.


Visit Anspach of Summit Opticians for custom made and ready-to-wear eyewear, sport goggles, and sunglasses.

Let us design the custom eyewear of your dreams


Smart phones and tablets, TVs and computers all emit harmful blue light which can contribute to cataracts and Macular Degeneration as well as cause eyestrain.  Let us help.

Taking care of your eyes

Look great with new glasses

Our state-of-the-art lenses will meet the needs of your lifestyle - from computer glasses to Varilux digital lenses and Crizal anti-reflective treatment to minimize glare and block blue light.

Receive the service you deserve

The staff members pride themselves on providing “The Service You Deserve,” and they love creating the perfect custom-made pair of glasses. 

High Quality Care

At Anspach of Summit Opticians you will receive expert consultation to match your eyewear to your lifestyle and preferences.

Learn about our other eyewear products. We have the latest in progressive technology including digital lenses, computer glasses, and more.

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Eileen Erbeck: Welcome to our practice

Eileen is retiring and Sonia Rosman is pleased to be taking over the reins during Anspach's 125th year!

Sonia has over 30 years experience as an optician, some of which were spent here at Anspach.

You can expect the same exemplary service that Anspach has always provided.

Visit us for the best advice on how to fill your visual needs. We'll prescribe the perfect lenses to suit your lifestyle.

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